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FARTAN GROUP SRL is committed to guarantee respect and equal opportunities for colleagues and employees and to assure a motivating workplace that guarantees dignity and rights to everyone according to environmental, health and safety laws.

FARTAN GROUP SRL rejects child and forced labour, it supports employees’ freedom of expression, they shall feel free to submit a grievance without suffering any penalty or retaliation, it respects freedom of association and supports a workplace without any form of violence and harassment, in the meaning that it rejects a voluntary and repetitive treatment that is harsh, offensive and degrading, in the form of both verbal abuse and behaviour that threatens employee dignity.

FARTAN GROUP SRL doesn’t tolerate any form of discrimination, intimidation, bullying and degrading treatments in the meaning of mental or sexual harassment or abuse of power. Each one must be responsible and has to behave without hurting other people integrity and human rights.

The goal of this policy is making employees with any kind of concern about different scopes of their job to be able to report their grievance.

FARTAN GROUP SRL is committed to disclose a culture of equality and mutual respect from the bottom to the top of the organization asking to its business partners to do the same.

Fartan RJC policy, Arezzo, February the 16th 2023