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FARTAN GROUP SRL. Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR FESR 2014-2020

The main aim of our international project was to be more present in the Far East Market (which is very attractive thanks to high quantity orders and the appreciation of the quality of our Made in Italy trademark), by connecting different, but at the same time homogeneous, enterprises, in fact Companies working in the golden jewellery market has been connected with an information technology Company which specialised in the gold field during the last years.

With this project of "rediscovery" Chinese Market, RTI established two combined targets:

  • Find new Customers and Contractors in this area in order to export our products
  • Make a combined collaboration among the companies of RTI in order to follow the same collaboration model operating already in other countries, this business relationship has to be based on cost distribution and on being a contractor for different kinds of products.

The project gave the possibility of reaching new Customers thanks to particular commercial channels and the help of Consultants who are experts in international programs, in addition to that it developed other important actions which can be recapitulated as follows:

  • Information and data scouting on the Chinese Market, with this procedure it was possible to have a clearer idea on how to position our products in a such a big and complex area like this;
  • Use of innovative web-based technologies (thanks to the collaboration with EXPRIMO DESIGN in Arezzo and to the fact that the leader company of RTI is FLEXLINE specialised in ICT), with them our network was able to use correctly the more modern web communications technologies in a project made to find new foreign Partners;
  • Establishment of basis for raising management skills of each Company of the network, the web- based technology is connected with the internal administrative system in order to communicate immediately the data which are necessary for services listed here above.