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Fartan Group srl has properly verified that all precious metals used in its own production cycle come from companies with RJC certification 2019 COP and /or verified by the auditor.

The above mentioned information was verified by checking in the RJC website to see if refining companies and our precious metals suppliers have a valid certification.

The organization of Fartan Group srl establishes clear responsibilities in its policy and procedures and does appropriate training to ensure that employees adopt a proper “Due diligence for a responsible sourcing from conflict-affected and high-risk areas”, in accordance with RJC COP 2019 point 7.1 and OECD Guidance Annex II.

Fartan Group srl verified with proper diligence that its business partners respect OCSE guidelines; in addition to that Fartan Group srl didn’t find risks for human rights.

Business transactions turned out to be at low risk and all checks done are compliant with RJC precepts.

Fartan RJC Annual Report, Arezzo, February the 16th 2023