Fartan RJC
Genius, living force and creativity
Production and trade
of precious object
Fartan RJC


Italy is where Art was born and Tuscany the place that gave birth to the most important Artists.
Musicians, engineers, painters, dreamers, poets such as Michelangelo, Puccini, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Dante, Galileo Galilei have shown us how genius and imagination can be works of Art.
We think that also a Jewel is a piece of Art.
The Italian history of goldsmith was born many years ago when the Etruscan, our ancestors, manufactured precious metals for the very first time.
These people lived in the heart of Tuscany, where they created masterpieces in goldsmith using their "fartan".
We also live and work in Arezzo (Tuscany) and we also have genius, living force and creativity.
For more than Fifty years We combine tradition and innovation, thanks to the continuous research of technologically innovative products, stylistically pleasant and of excellent quality.